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Stupid CNN headline

June 5th, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

When it comes to stupid headlines, CNN simply beats the crap out of the competition.  I actually do think, that there may – in fact – be no contest. I used to take screenshots and built quite a collection but eventually deleted it. Not sure why, it would come in handy right now. Today was no exception.

With about 8 days remaining until we leave for Slovakia, we are trying to accomplish as much work in the lab as possible. As a results, the days for us are getting progressively longer, and nights progressively shorter. Getting up when the alarm goes off in the morning is rough.  I usually grab my laptop and check the news and my RSS reader as I ease into my morning. But when I went through the CNN website, no easing was necessary. Because this morning, CNN chose to inform us, that ….

Americans on flight 447 loved life

No shit. I eagerly read through the article about this otherwise sad and unfortunate disaster to find out if the rest of the passengers (non-americans) on that flight hated life. I think I can almost certainly claim that at least one non-american on that doomed flight loved life as well. Just a wild guess. In case you do not believe me, here is the screenshot.

Stupd CNN headline

Stupid CNN headline

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